Austin Cancer Center Kyle TX

Austin Cancer Centers is a medical group practice located in Kyle, TX that specializes in Radiation Oncology. In 1973, Dr. George Brown, an authority in radiation oncology at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, came to Austin with the hope of getting closer to home state-of-the-art cancer treatment and cutting-edge skills. On two basic principles, he founded the community that would become the Austin Cancer Center: to offer the highest level of care and to do so with sincere concern and personal commitment to cancer care creativity and excellence. This blend of quality care has been at the heart of who we are and has built the long-standing reputation for excellence, creativity and outstandingly personalized cancer care.

Medical Oncology


Austin Cancer Center is a leading oncology practice in Central Texas which provides cutting-edge oncology treatments. Our medical oncologists integrate a holistic approach to our cancer treatment, integrating not just the treatment of the disease but also symptom relief, emotional and spiritual support and an overall environment of patient care.

Austin cancer center Kyle tx

Austin cancer center Kyle tx

They have a way of battling it, whether cancer occurs in the skin, lungs, prostate, colon and rectum, head and neck, or the gastrointestinal tract. They treat breast cancer and lymphoma as well. In conjunction with other experts on the care team, their skilled and able medical oncologists develop procedures, keeping the patient at the center of their efforts. They strive to provide a progressive, advancing, and patient-centered treatment experience which supports the individual as well as their caregivers and family.

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Fight cancer by stunting its growth. Chemotherapy may be used to treat certain forms of cancer, since it impairs the ability of cancer cells to differentiate into more cells; however, this can affect other cells that are required to differentiate the body.


Austin Cancer Center devoted to state-of-the-art care of brain and nervous system cancer patients. The Neuro-Oncology division of the Austin Cancer Center assesses and treats individuals with primary and secondary brain , spinal cord, and membranes covering the brain and spinal cord tumors. In order to establish the most selective treatment strategies, their Neuro-Oncology team works closely with community neurologists and neurosurgeons as well as the best of the Austin Cancer Centre team.

Radiation Therapy

The Austin Cancer Center is known for its use of highly targeted radiation therapy, homing in and targeting cancer cells’ DNA with advanced imaging for the most successful cancer attack while reducing the number of damaged healthy cells in the process. By employing the latest advances in radiation therapy, Cyber Knife and Accu Boost, they give their patients an even greater chance of success. The radiation oncologists at the Austin Cancer Center concentrate on improving treatment efficacy while reducing side effects by applying radiation therapy, depending on the type of cancer, before, during or during surgery.

Genetic Counseling/Genetic Testing

Genetic counseling should not require just a genetic test. They incorporate their counseling:

  • To measure the risk of developing cancer, perception of family and personal records. Individuals with inherited cancer appear to be at higher risk for multiple diagnosis of cancer.
  • Training about danger to members of the family.
  • Discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of choices for genetic testing, including inexpensive and improved choices for testing.
  • Development of an individualized risk management strategy for cancer.

Pediatric Cancer Care

As a team of the best pediatric medical oncologists at the Dell Children’s Medical Center (DCMC), Austin Cancer Center works to provide the pediatric community of Central Texas of organized cancer treatment. Therapy as a team of pediatric oncologists is focused on and enrolled in the Children’s Oncology Community (COG) national protocols and guidelines. In Austin, they have provided pediatric radiation oncology care for more than 40 years. Their personnel have intimate knowledge of the conditions of continuing to work closely with DCMC in the treatment of pediatric patients and their families. In Central Texas, they have the only radiation oncology vaults fitted with anesthesia lines to support intensive therapy in daily anesthesia.

Austin cancer center Kyle tx

Austin cancer center Kyle tx

Austin cancer center Kyle tx

Austin Cancer centre was the first in Austin to deliver a dedicated oncology program on pediatric radiation and they are the first to step up and say they  have enough bright minds and big enough hearts to help children fight cancer.Austin cancer center Kyle tx

austin cancer center kyle tx

austin cancer center kyle tx

austin cancer center kyle taxas